Life as a Dancer

I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.
-Mikhail Baryshnikov

Performance Career:

  • 2013-Present     Emote Dance Theater     Company Dancer and Director

  • 2013     Menlowe Ballet     Company Member

  • 2010-2012     Company C Contemporary Ballet     Company Member

  • 2009-2010     Nevada Ballet Theatre     Company Member

  • 2008-2009     Nashville Ballet     Company II Member

  • 2008     Nashville In Motion     Company Dancer

  • 2007-2008     Ballet Austin     Apprentice



This ballet was choreographed by Milissa Payne Bradley and commissioned by Emote Dance Theater.  The inspiration from this piece is based between the relationship and struggles of those who are affected by cancer.  The dancers are Megan Terry and Kevin Hockenberry.


Dance Training

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Full Scholarship      Artistic Director Marcia Dale Weary

Teachers- Marcia Dale Weary, Darla Hoover, Alan Hineline, Laszlo Berdo, Cynthia Bernshausen, Leslie Hench, Melinda Howe, Bruce Thornton, Richard Cook, Jonathan Riseling

Ballet Academy East, Full Scholarship                                    Associate Director Darla Hoover

Teachers-Darla Hoover, Peter Frame, Alan Hineline, Francis Patrelle, Jonathan Stafford

University of Utah                                                                        Ballet Department

Teachers- Conrad Ludlow, Bene’ Arnold, Attila Ficzere, Barbara Hamblin, Karissa Horowicz, Maureen Laird, Sharee Lane, Richard Wacko

Ballet Lubbock, Full Scholarship                                               Artistic Director Yvonne Racz-Key

Teachers- Yvonne Racz, Meghan Barrett, Galina Panova, Daniel Catanach



Choreographer: Ballet

  • Anastos, Peter: Footage, The Nutcracker

  • Anderson, Charles: Indoor Fireworks

  • Balanchine, George: The Nutcracker (Solider Doll, Spanish Lead and Chinese), Jewels: Rubies

  • Berdo, Laszlo: Step Pas

  • Bernasconi, Laura Rae: Marriage Song

  • Bournonville, August: Flower Festival, La Ventana

  • Canfield, James: Cyclical Night

  • Catanach, Daniel: Fortuna Tanz (Lead Couple)

  • Causey, Maurice: Ominous Rumblings of Discontent

  • Corbin, Patrick: Psychedelic Six Pack

  • Davis, Thaddeus: An Incandescent Start, The Monologue Project

  • Gates, Jodie: Slip Ring

  • Giese, Katherine: The Nutcracker (Nutcracker Prince)

  • Gilbert, Gail: Swingin Mid Mod, Song of the Nightingale

  • Grigorian, Rafael: Grand Pas Classique

  • Harwell, Jennifer: In Perturbatio

  • Hineline, Alan: Coppelia, Sleepy Hallow

  • Howe, Melinda: Suite #1 (Lead Couple)

  • Kabaniaev, Viktor: Sweet Sadness

  • LaCroix, Mary: Vera Lifandi

  • Laird, Maureen: Carmen Bohemian

  • Lowe, Michael: Chuntian, Surside

  • Mills, Stephen: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Angelina, Don Quixote, Dream, The Nutcracker, Touch

  • Mooray, Sherri: Pandora's Box

  • Morrow, Kalin: This Side Up

  • Parker, Andrew: Miller's Reel (Pas De Trois)

  • Proia, Alexandre: A World To Come

  • Racz, Yvonne: Class Onstage, Ragtime (Lead Male), The Bartered Bride, The Nutcracker

  • Roden, Dwight: Salsa Pit

  • Rudisill, Abra: The Nutcracker (Nutcracker Prince)

  • Tharp, Twyla: Surfer at the River Styx

  • Vasterling, Paul: Carnival of the Animals, Ferdinand The Bull, The Nutcracker

  • Welsch, Devon: Medea