Art does not reproduce the visible; it makes visible. 

-Paul Klee

Artist Statement

I am a dance artist who feels it is my responsibility to use this medium to speak out for and acknowledge human connection. I am an artist who believes in advocating through dance in order to discover a new language of communication that encourages social dialogue. My works involve topics of social justice and awareness of the human struggle. The goal is to foster empathic insight and understanding with such topics in order to promote greater human connection and acceptance.

I explore the possibilities of integrating movement, emotions, sound, and space to fully immerse myself, the audience, and dancer into the intent of my work. My mission is to expose human vulnerability by recounting real life experiences through dance. It is through mixing these complex layers together, art and concrete experience, with actual narrative that I create an authentic testimony that speaks to the soul of every individual. It is through this interchange, this soulful infiltration, which I embark on creating a sense of connection and personal transformation through the moment language of sympathy, empathy and compassion.

My movement vocabulary has been shaped by a classical ballet aesthetic: an appreciation for elongated lines, as well as for fluent and clear articulation of the body. My movement foundation is then layered with theoretical modern movement, both pedestrian and abstract, that situates my art within the genre of contemporary ballet. By constantly challenging my artistic method, I create powerful personal moment statements that are masterfully crafted by processes of acceptance and rejection, rules and omissions, while inviting the viewer into a living experience that is both innovative and familiar.

My work evaluates and isolates the movement of humans. By doing so, new sequences are created which reveal an inseparable relationship between dance and life. By applying abstraction, I try to heighten the dynamic between the art and the audience, by symbolizing emotions and investigating the rich conversation that develops through multiple interpretations. The results are multifaceted and spawn social dialogue.  


Choreography Reels

Emote Dance Theater

The Invisible Others

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Saint Mary's College of California


Emote Dance Theater


  • Goodbye     performed by: Emote Dance Theater     2017     

    • Mbongui Square Festival     San Francisco, CA

  • The Invisible Others     performed by: Emote Dance Theater     2017

  • Distortions (revised)     performed by: Emote Dance Theater     2016

  • Compassio     performed by: Saint Mary’s College of CA     2016

  • Nutcracker (excerpts)     performed by: Soo Dance Academy     2015

  • Distortions     performed by: Emote Dance Theater     2015     

    • SafeHouse Arts Resident-Artist-Workshop     San Francisco, CA

    • Summer Performance Festival 8     San Francisco, CA

  • Giselle (excerpts)     performed by: Marin School for the Arts     2015

  • Bach     performed by: Stapleton School for the Performing Arts     2015

  • Coppélia (excerpts)     performed by: Stapleton School for the Performing Arts     2015

  • Don Quixote (excerpts)     performed by: Soo Dance Academy     2015

  • Nutcracker (excerpts)     performed by: Soo Dance Academy     2014

  • The Touched Ones     performed by: Emote Dance Theater     2014

    • Garage Artist-in-Residence     San Francisco, CA

  • Swan Lake (excerpts)     performed by: Soo Dance Academy     2014

  • La Bayadere (excerpts)     performed by: Stapleton School for the Performing Arts     2014

  • Nutcracker (excerpts)     performed by: Soo Dance Academy     2013

  • Sweet Goodbye     performed by: Emote Dance Theater     2013

    • Shawl Anderson Dance Center Artist-in-Residence     Oakland, CA

  • Sleeping Beauty (excerpts)     performed by: Soo Dance Academy     2013

  • The Path     performed by: Ballet Lubbock     2012

  • 4x8: Two and a Rose     performed by: Nevada Ballet Theatre     2010